Taxation Relief for Medical Insurance PRUhealth

Malaysia Taxation System allows for various tax relief.

For Insurance policies it is broken into two different Relief

Relief Category 1:  is maximum deduction of RM6,000 for life insurance premium and contribution to approved pension and provident funds.

Relief Category 2: is a maximum deduction of RM3,000 for premiums paid for education and medical insurance.

Your insurance provider will break down the contribution on whcih belongs to Relief A and which belongs to Relief B.

A statement is usually sent to you around the month of March with the exact break down and also the amount for each category

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PRUHealth worldwide coverage overseas

PRUHealth covers you 24x7 when you are travelling overseas. Prudential has tied with International SOS to ensure that you have access to the best medical coverage overseas. Simply call the 24 hour Hotline number 603 2711 9599 (reverse charge) toll-free number and you will have access to Travel Assistance, Telephone Medical Advise, Arrangement of Dr's Appointment. and many more services

The cost will be reimbursed to you when you return back to Malaysia. Note we cannot cover you overseas if you are outside Malaysia for more than 90 days consecutively.

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PRUhealth Waiting Period

When your agent submits your proposal it will usually take 1-2 working days for the policy approved (provided there is no medical requirements and that the credit card can be deducted)

Upon Policy Approval -> PRUHealth can cover ACCIDENT related admission

Normal sickness -> After 30 days from the time the policy is approved. Note: you need to pay first and then claim later. See below

Hospital Admission Service (HAS) -> HAS means that the medical card is "online" meaning you don't have to pay first and then claim later when hospitalized.  This takes place around 90 days from the policy approval.

7 Specified Illness please wait 120 days from policy approval for coverage to be effective
Stones in the urinary and biliary systems,
Hypertension or cardiovascular diseases (except heart attack),
Diabetes mellitus,
All tumors, cysts, polyps or cancer,
Surgery of the sinus, nasal septum or tonsils, Hernias, haemorrhoids or fistulae, Endometriosis or dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Waiting Period is not to make our clients suffer but more of a Bank Negara Guideline to protect insurance company from fraud cases. "Already sick then want to buy to claim cases" 

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PRU Health Covers H1N1

Prudential Malaysia has clarified in "Black and White" that all its medical plans PRU Health , Major Med and PruBSN Medical Card will be covering H1N1.

I initially was confused as I thought that all insurance companies hospital insurance should  cover H1N1. However it seems that some companies carry an exclusion clause on "communicable diseases requiring quarantine".

Don't worry on 22nd August 2009 The Star Newspaper Frontpage said that all 16 companies under the Life Association of Malaysia (LIAM) will cover hospitalisation and death from A(H1N1).